Genuine LifeProof Fre WaterProof Case, Cover Black for iPhone 6S & 6 ( 4.7" )

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Waterproof With A Splash Of Color

Meet the clearly cool case for the most colorfully cool smartphone ever made — LifeProof nüüd for iPhone 5c. nüüd is the only all-protective case available that reveals your iPhone 5c’s full touchscreen and true color! LifeProof’s revolutionary nüüd technology protects iPhone 5c while opening the touchscreen to direct touch. That’s right, you can touch the touchscreen! This uninterrupted touch and visual experience, coupled with The Four Proofs — water, dirt, snow, and shock — means you can use your iPhone 5c in ways and places you never imagined. And, nüüd doesn’t just stop at The Four Proofs. It also works seamlessly with every iPhone 5c feature and function — camera, flash, buttons, microphones, and speakers. This colorful combo of full protection and total function makes LifeProof nüüd for iPhone 5c the clearly cool case for the most colorfully cool smartphone ever made.

Nüüd Screenless Technology

LifeProof’s revolutionary nüüd screenless technology opens your iPhone 5c’s touchscreen to direct touch. While keeping your phone completely waterproof and drop proof, nüüd delivers an uninterrupted touch and visual experience. And never fear, like all glass, touchscreen glass is incredibly tough and inherently waterproof. So nüüd exploits these properties instead of covering them. Together, glass and seal keep water and debris out while the inside — and your iPhone — stays safe and dry.

Color Complementary

iPhone 5c is all about color. So instead of covering the color to protect your iPhone, LifeProof developed a strong, clear case back that completely protects it while letting the color shine through. And all this protection never comes at the cost of usability. Along with the clear case back, nüüd technology, four-proof protection and slim silhouette, nüüd for iPhone 5c features an optical-glass lens, enhanced speaker ports, plus full function of and total access to every button, control and feature. It all adds up to the most protective, usable — and colorful — iPhone 5c experience possible.

Everywhere. Everyday. Everything.

When we sat down to protect iPhone 5c, we asked ourselves what was most important. Impact ratings? Ingress standards? Usability? Our answer: none of the above. The most important thing about protecting iPhone 5c is iPhone 5c. And, since Apple designed iPhone 5c with beauty and depth, we took the protection to new depths and let the beauty show. Every feature works with your phone’s brilliant design, and the clear case highlight’s its brilliant color.