Lets Keep it simple guys and “Lay down the rules” before we continue.

Firstly everyone must operate under the laws stated in the relevant states for trade. We practice and abide by those rules in all situations, past that and above please refer to our Customer Service Guarantee.

Basic Rules.

Refunds and Returns.

Faulty Stock: If you have a product that is less than 7 days old, you are entitled to retun that stock for assessment of a replacement or refund. In the event if we determine that the stock is defective as a manufacturers fault or defect, we will provided you with a replacement or a refund. If the product exceeds 7 days, we will only offer a replacement if assessed as manufacturers fault or defect.

Delivery: Unless specified otherwise and negotiated in writing with Mobile Express, any product that is defective or faulty may be sent back to us only when you it has been brought to our attention and authorised in writing by us. In the event that we dispath the wrong product as per your order, we will happily refund your postage costs so long as you mail the postage receipt with your package, once again you must have prior authorisation from us to send it back. Any faulty stock will under no circumstance be covered by means of reimbursement for shipping costs back to us for assessment. In the event if it assessed that your product was not a manufacturers defect or fault, we will not resend your item back to you unless postage costs are paid to Mobile Express.

Missing Stock: In the event that stock is sent to us, we will take no responsibility for your item not reaching our postal location. You will need to ensure that you track your item via registered post to ensure you are covered for any loss.

Assessment of Stock: In the event that an item is sent to us for assessment, you will need to allow up to 30 days for the item to be sent away for assessment. It is not always necessary for us to send your stock away as most assessments are done in house. However in some cases you will need to be patient. Any item that carries a manufacturers warranty may be dealt with by contacting the particular manufacturer that the item is branded by.

Receipts: Reciepts MUST be provided at all times when dealing with returns, refunds and replacements.

Returns: In the instance that you wish to return an item, you must make contact with us for prior authorisation. We will not return a product under any circumstance that has a broken seal from a manufacturer.

Return costs: Naturally in life mistakes do happen as we are all aware. We operate under the same fundamental principals as outlined in our “Customer Service Guarantee.” We will have empathy and compassion for your circumstances and do all we can to assist you where practical and reasonable.

Mobile Express will make allowances for free postage return on the basis that we have sent you an incorrect product.

As Example

  • If you have purchased black and we have sent you white we will happily arrange a return manifest for you to return the item.
  • If we send you the incorrect model number of item, Samsung Galaxy S3 cover instead of a HTC One X.

We will not cover return postage if we deem that the item is as described and your interpretation of the item is different, you have selected the wrong item, changed your mind or for any other reason excluding our assessment of the wrong item being shipped to you.
We may require photos to be uploaded, sent via email or any form of media to assess the return claim.
Mobile Express will only accept return claims as free postage using our own postage return instructions and facility. Under no circumstance will Mobile Express pay for any premium postage service such as express, platinum or other postal services.
Upon free return shipping you must follow the set instructions advised to you by our team.
Any costs associated for any attempt of return postage made to us will not be covered.
Please guys, it is normal and within consumer law and within PayPal’s terms and conditions that all items that you wish to claim a refund for must be returned to us and in accordance with our “Terms and conditions.”
It is completely unreasonable to assume a product may be withheld by you to have a refund issued.
As an example, if a product is purchased from a retail shop and you take the product home and it is not functioning or is not as described, can you call that same retail shop or email them and ask for a refund without returning the item? Of course not. Can you ask them to cover your fuel for the drive back or the time off it has taken to do so? Of course not. It is just common practice that your item must be returned in order to finalise the mistake.


Full payment of your purchased product must be made within three ( 3 ) days of your purchase. Mobile Express reserves the right to deny, cancel and re allocate your product to another buyer or within our inventory should this term not be met.

Presale / Preorder items.

Some items are factory sourced and may be listed within our store as active listings. We will not always define the item as a presale / preorder item within the listing description due to the volume of items that we have active and may source. If the item you have purchased is a presale / preorder item we will notify you within 24 – 48 hours of your purchase either via a call or email.

In addition some items may be a special order item and as such stocks may be no longer available once your order has been received. If it is assessed that the item is no longer available we will notify you within 24 to 48 hours of your purchase either via a call or email.

As Mobile Express works very hard to provide products to you, we will list many products for potential access for all.

Products Source and Supply / Warranty.

Mobile Express IS NOT an overseas stock supplier and NOT a gray importer! This means that all of our stock is provided and sourced from AUSTRALIAN distributors. This means that all of our items come with an AUSTRALIAN MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY and any electrical item will come with an AUSTRALIAN POWER ADAPTOR. Again we do NOT directly import any of our items, we source them from local Australian distributors such as Ingram Micro, Synnex, Cellnet, Force Technology, Roadhound, Powermove Distribution and many many more.

Images / Pictures / Illustrations.

Whilst Mobile Express works very hard to ensure that images are 100% accurate to the actual product / item that you view or purchase, please note that some elements may dictate us not to be able to reproduce an image that will 100% match the actual product / item. Elements such as lighting, lenses camera’s, monitors, exposure, environment and many more elements may cause the product / item not to be displayed 100% as it appears whilst looking directly at it with your eyes.

In addition, some reseller agreements from various vendors will instruct us under strict licensing agreements that we must use only the images provided to us by them in order to not breach our reseller agreements.

For further information or for additional images of products that you may be interested in purchasing, please feel free to contact us. Should you not contact us once you have purchased the product and your product does not appear as it may have in our listings, we will happily allow for a return of the product subject to our returns terms and conditions.

Mobile Express is always working harder to deliver products to you without over inflated retail margins, we are all about working for you.
All products we sell that are brand new carry a 12 month warranty.

All products listed are in Australian Currency (AUD).

Mobile Express will do all that we can to remain fair and understanding to any circumstance, we ask that you also be patient with us in the event of an issue or error.

Please refer to Delivery and Shipping for any cross reference information.

Return address:
P.O Box 1172
Golden Grove
South Autralia 5125